My name is Nana King. I am a writer and a film maker. Living in California with my wife and family. 22 years ago I bought a piece of land at Aplaku, just after the Weija barrier off the Winneba road. It was on a perfect spot. On a hill overlooking the whole city with the ocean in sight. It was the best spot anyone can dream of. I wanted to start building right away. But my wife was not interested.

She’s heard too many horror stories about family and friends just duping people overseas of their hard earned money. People have been known to commit suicide after finding out what they thought was their house in pictures was not theirs at all.
I contacted an architect friend my wife knew who took $7000 for the construction of a wall around the plot and a design for a house. It didn’t take long before she found out this guy took twice the amount for the job. She has been vindicated “I told you they are all the same. No I am not doing this, let find an already made house and buy. The project came to a standstill for over ten years.

The land wouldn’t survive in present times. It’s a blessing we came back to it after that many years. The walled plot just sat there and became a forest until God gave us Mr Omari. Chris has his own businesses and is married to my wife’s cousin. He said “don’t worry I will manage the project for you. He was able to calm my wife’s fears and she trusted him.

The project was back and alive!! He got a foreman, the foreman got laborers and he vetted them all to make sure they were good people. He broke the whole project into phases and levels and kept us informed of every phase and stage.He supervised and managed the construction of the house. Making sure every nail, sand, gravels, iron rods, wood, blocks, whatever was needed for the project was accounted for.

It was slow in the beginning, sometimes due to financial constraints but he didn’t stop encouraging us and pushing us along to the very end. By the grace of God, by the dedication, hard work and honesty of Mr Omari, the house is done. Last Christmas, after 20 years, I flew down from California to Ghana with my wife and 3 girls to outdoor the house, celebrate Christmas, and also celebrate our 25th anniversary.

The highlight of the whole vacation was the house. It was BEAUTIFUL and well constructed. Just like I envisioned, the scenery is simply spectacular!!! We thank God for his blessings and for giving us Mr Chris Nana Omari. I can attest to your hard work, dedication, and honesty. Your diligence paid off.

On behalf of my Honorable self and my whole family, we say thank you and God richly bless you
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